Operational Policy

Manufacturing, assembling and post-process finishing of injection molded products from a broad range of plastic materials is the main business area for our company.

In our work, we focus on close co-operation with our business partners, and we always strive to utilize our broad know-how in a constant work for improvement.


We do this by directing our operations towards clear and well-known goals.
We should always strive to;
Ensure that necessary resources are available and ensure that all staff have relevant knowledge to fulfil the binding requirements of our stakeholders' and increase customer satisfaction.
Reduce the environmental impact of our operations - both external and internal environment. This is achieved by taking decisions that are fact based and ecologically motivated, technically possible and economically reasonable.
Promote personal development and a good physical and mental work environment for all staff.
Uphold a level of profitability that may guarantee resources for a long-term view of our business development and a consistent development of our technical level.
Increase our efficiency and competitiveness through systematic bench-marking towards our business goals.
This operational policy may, if so is deemed needed, be elaborated in more detailed programs and goals for specific areas, such as quality, environment, work environment and HR. It is reviewed on a regular basis by company management and is communicated and understood by all employees and available to the public.
Gnosjö 2017-08-29
Holmgrens Plast AB

Stefan Holmgren / CEO