Business policy

Our company manufactures, assembles and reprocesses injection molded products from the majority of existing plastics. We do this by directing our operations towards clear and well-known goals.
We should strive for that always
Add the necessary resources and ensure that all staff have relevant knowledge to satisfy our stakeholders' binding requirements and increase customer satisfaction.
Reduce the impact of our operations on both the external and internal environment. This is through decisions that are based on facts and are ecologically motivated, technically possible and financially reasonable.
Work for personal development for all staff and for a good physical and mental work environment.
Have a level of profitability that ensures resources for a long-term view of our business development and continued development of our technical level.
Through systematic measurements work towards our business goals to increase our efficiency and competitiveness.
If necessary, business policy can be developed in more detailed program and goal writing in specific areas, such as quality, environment, work environment, HR.
This operational policy is regularly reviewed by management and is understood by all employees and is available to the public.
Gnosjö 2017-08-29
Holmgrens Plast AB

Stefan Holmgren / CEO