With our design department we can offer our clients assistance with the design job. We want to get into the projects as early as possible in order to be able to participate in and influence geometries so that molding tools can be simplified and cheapened and that the final product becomes production-adapted and cost-effective.

2. Prototypes

In our own 3D printer, we can quickly manufacture the first prototype at a low cost, so that we can verify detail design at the idea stage. When final design is finally confirmed, prototypes with higher precision are required. We undertake to develop these quickly and efficiently in collaboration with our suppliers.

4. Production

Our automated production facility in Gnosjö is designed for optimum efficiency. In our machinery park we have machines ranging from 28 tons to 1000 tons of locking force, this allows us to offer our customers the manufacture of plastic parts with weights from 1 gram up to about 5 kg. We also have many years of experience in 2-component injection molding.

3. Tool manufacturing

Our tool development is established in China where, with Swedish expertise in place throughout the project period, we control all processes. Design, material selection and manufacture. Our tools are tested and verified against the specification made. The establishment in China enables us to offer tools with high performance and precision at very competitive prices.

5. Mounting

Our aim is to perform as much of the product composition as possible with the help of our fully automatic robots. We also carry out manual assembly and packaging at our assembly department.

6. logistics

We serve our customers with the purchase and inventory of components and packaging needed for us to assemble and final package a finished product on our customer's behalf. The pre-packaged product is finally delivered to our customer's desired recipient.