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Postal address: Box 200, 335 25 Gnosjö

Visiting address: Gnejsvägen 5, Västra Lid i Gnosjö

Phone: +46 370 33 25 30

Fax: +46 370 33 25 39

Email: info@holmgrensplast.se

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Niclas Orre
Technical sales & Project manager
Stefan Holmgren


Alain Fazakas
Factory Manager
Filip Holmgren
Production Manager

Customer support & orders

Marie-Louise Holmgren
Reception & order
Mattias Johansson
Quality & environment

warehouse manager

Jens Jensen
Stock & Delivery


Riitta Bruveris

Holmgrens Plast from 1989 until today

1989 – Holmgrens Plast AB is started by Stefan Holmgren. Stefan had been in the plastic industry since 1980 and has run companies, among others including his brothers. The first product was an extendable ironing board manufactured for IMA Norscan.
1993 – Holmgrens starts together with other stakeholders Scandiwheels. From the beginning, Holmgrens Plast owns 1/3 of the company.
1994 – The company grows out of its premises in Åsenhöga and moves the business to Gnosjö.
1997 – Scandiwheels acquires itself as the majority owner of the Estonian company A / S Purteco in Estonia, which among other things. a. produces polyurethane products for Scandiwheels.
1998 – Strong sales growth begins after the company has been manufacturing Lascal's products.
1999 – Scandiwheels becomes a wholly owned subsidiary.
2000 – The entire business is moved to new, significantly larger and more efficient premises. Sales hit a new record with SEK 60 million.
2001 – Select, a waste sorting system for household waste, is starting to be manufactured. Holmgren's first customer, IMA Norscan, is responsible for the sales.
2003 The company invests over DKK 10 million SEK in new production equipment. Among other things, in fully automatic production cells where the largest plastic syringe has a single lock force of 1000 tonnes.
2005 – The company introduces 1-component PUR production in Sweden and at the same time becomes general agent for the production equipment in Scandinavia.
2006 – The company is moving into twice as large production premises. Total production area about 7000 m2.
2015 – Holmgrens Plast begins generational change with Alain Fazakas and Filip Holmgren joining as new partners.
2019 – Holmgrens Plast sells the company A / S Purteco in Estonia.